Lip blush tattoo

Lip blush tattoo is a non-invasive semipermanent makeup solution, also known as a cosmetic tattoo, designed to enhance the colour, shape, and symmetry of the lips while creating the appearance of fuller lips.

Lip Blush Tattoo

What is lip blush?

Lip blush tattoo is a semi-permanent makeup technique that provides long-lasting definition and colour to the upper and lower lip.

The result is enhanced lips that look youthful and fuller, achieved without lip filler injections or lipstick.

Blush lip tattoo is often used interchangeably with lip cosmetic or lipstick-look tattoos.

Cosmetic tattoos are famous among busy and active women for their many benefits.

Why get a blush lip tattoo?

A semi-permanent tattoo enhances the lips by creating a fuller and more youthful appearance, making it an ideal application.


  • Lips typically have a natural light colour or may fade over time.
  • Lips contain uneven skin tones.
  • The lip border has gradually faded and merged with the skin tone of your face over time.


Lip blushing can help restore the definition and colour of lips affected by scarring on the border or throughout.

  • Acne scarring
  • Unintentional scarring can result from incidents such as dog bites or car accidents.
  • Surgical scarring can result from procedures such as cleft palate repair, skin cancer removal, and other reconstructive surgeries.


Who is eligible for a lips tattoo?

Lips tattoo suits individuals of all ages, skin types, and genders. Individuals with darker skin tones may require multiple appointments to correct the appearance of blue, purple, or brown tones that often appear on the outer edges and throughout the lips.

It is essential to know that a lip blush tattoo can potentially reactivate the Herpes Simplex Virus. If you have a history of lip blisters or cold sores, it is recommended to consult with your GP or Pharmacy for an antiviral and have a topical antiviral on hand. Further information regarding this matter will be provided during your consultation.

Process of permanent lip tattoo

Cosmetic tattoos typically require a 2-step process at minimum.


  • The initial appointment emphasises design and colour.
  • During the second appointment, adjustments can be made to the colour saturation to enhance the results further.


Dark lip neutralisation treatments typically involve three to twelve sessions about twelve weeks apart.

Patients must apply the First numbing cream and arrive at their appointment with it still on.

Ensuring comfort during the treatment is a priority, and using two different numbing creams can help achieve this. Some clients are so comfortable that they even fall asleep during the procedure.

An Aftercare pack will be provided after your initial lip blush tattoo appointment to help with maintenance.

How long does a lip tattoo last?

A Lip blush tattoo typically remains vibrant for around 18 months. It is advised to schedule a 'ColourBoost' every 12-18 months to maintain its fresh appearance.

The longevity of a tattoo is influenced by individual factors such as lifestyle, medications, and adherence to pre-care and post-care instructions.

Is cosmetic tattoo lips a suitable option for me?


Applicants must meet the requirements to be considered.


  • Under 18
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding


Individuals who possess the following characteristics are not considered suitable.


  • To prevent dryness or cracking, smooth and hydrated lips are essential before treatment.


Applicants should know that individuals with a history of or plans for certain circumstances may not be considered suitable.


  • Keloid or hypertrophic scarring
  • Seizures/blackouts
  • Possible signs of thinned blood include a history of heavy bleeding.
  • Skin may experience a fresh tan or sunburn on the treated area.
  • High blood pressure is not managed.
  • The person's diabetes is not being adequately managed.
  • The individual is experiencing high levels of anxiety that are not being managed.
  • Heart condition is currently unregulated.
  • It is recommended to wait two weeks before or after major dental work.
  • Vaccinations are recommended to be given two weeks before or after other medications.
  • Avoid skincare products containing acids (such as Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, Citric, Mandelic, etc.) for one week before and after any treatment.
  • Skincare products that speed up skin cell turnover, such as Retinol, Retinoids, Retinal, Tretinoin, Bakuchiol, etc., should be avoided two weeks before or after a procedure.
  • Invasive cosmetic procedures should be avoided two weeks before or after other treatments such as Botox, Fillers, Dissolvers, PRP, Threads, etc.
  • Specific cosmetic treatments, such as chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, and needling, should be avoided for at least four weeks before and after.
  • Facial surgery is scheduled for three months from now.
  • Accutane, or Isotretinoin, is a prescribed acne medication that should be taken 12 months prior.


Pre-care before getting a lip tattoo

4 Weeks Prior:


  • Cosmetic procedures/treatments are not recommended near the mouth.


2 Weeks Prior:


  • Avoid applying skincare products that speed up skin cell turnover, such as Retinol, Retinoids, Retinal, Tretinoin, Bakuchiol, etc., to the lower face.


1 Week Prior


  • Avoid using skincare products with acid exfoliants, such as Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, Citric, Mandelic, etc.


There is a 5-day lead-up to the appointment.


  • Use a sugar scrub to exfoliate your lips.
  • Keep moisturised
  • Keep hydrated (drink water)


2 Days Prior


  • Avoid consuming anti-inflammatory foods and supplements, such as turmeric, fish oils, oily fish, and flaxseed.
  • Avoid oral anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen, Nurofen, Aspirin, Disprin, Voltaren, Diclofenac, etc.
  • No topical anti-inflammatory creams/gels
  • Limit overly salty foods


24 Hours Prior


  • The consumption of alcohol, opioids, and marijuana is prohibited.


Day of Appointment


  • Strictly no smoking/vaping
  • Consuming a meal with fats beforehand may help increase pain tolerance.
  • Maintain a steady heart rate upon arrival.
  • Empty your bladder beforehand.
  • Before your appointment, apply a 1mm thick numbing cream to your lips and cover with plastic wrap. Leave it on for 45 minutes and arrive at your appointment with it still in place.

Tattoo Lip Blush

Aftercare for lip tattoos

Day of Treatment

Apply an ice compress for 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off until swelling decreases.

It is recommended to sleep on a clean pillowcase.

Recovery time is typically seven days or until fully healed.

It is recommended that Aftercare Balm be applied several times a day.

It is essential to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Applying makeup, sunscreen, or moisturiser on the lips is not recommended.

Restrictions: No swimming, saunas, spas, or long showers.

Avoid sunlight exposure.

Do not engage in pulling, picking, or scratching.

No kissing

Avoid consuming salty or spicy foods.

Avoid touching your lips with unclean hands until they are fully healed.

Introducing bacteria to the area can result in infection.

Complimentary Aftercare Balm is provided at each appointment to assist in caring for your newly done lips.

Experiencing itchiness, tingling, or stinging sensations?

If you suspect a cold sore is developing, it is recommended to seek treatment promptly from a local Chemist or Doctor. Delaying appropriate treatment may result in pigment loss in the lip area, as a cold sore is considered a fresh wound.


The healing process for lip blush


The healing process of the lips may vary for each individual, but there are generally recognised signs of improvement.

On days 0-1, there is an increase in vibrant colour and plumpness, with heightened sensitivity to touch.

Days 2-7: Lips may initially feel dry, followed by flaking or peeling.

Between days 4-7, the lips will heal, with the colour possibly being 50-80% of its original intensity. Depending on skin tone, the colour will "bloom" to its final shade within 4-12 weeks.

Please return for your Topup appointment during Week 6/12 to enhance the colour density and make any necessary adjustments.

Lip colours may vary depending on the time of day and hydration levels.

Is a lip blush tattoo considered safe?

It is recommended that only cosmetic tattoo professionals with lip tattoo and infection control certification perform lip blush, as there are various factors to consider before and during the application process.

We only use high-quality pigments that are certified vegan and sterilised with gamma radiation for cosmetic tattooing.

Proper hygiene practices are followed for all treatments, including using and disposing of single-use EO gas sterilised needle cartridges.