Lip tattooing is a cosmetic procedure that involves inserting pigment into the skin using a machine and fine needle, with multiple rounds of pigmentation to build up colour on the lips.

Lip Tattoo

The reasons for tattooing your lips

For those looking to save money and simplify their lip care routine, a permanent lip tattoo can be a cost-effective solution that keeps lips looking glossy and preserved.

A lip tattoo can enhance the appearance of your lips by giving them a fuller and more defined shape. It eliminates the need for lip liner pencils and prevents colours from smearing, fading, rubbing off, or getting on your teeth.

Who's a candidate?

Consider getting permanent makeup for a morning glow that lasts all day. A lip tattoo can fix unsymmetrical, uneven, scarred, or thin lips. Lip colour fades as we age, so adding permanent colour can give you a youthful look. Instead of temporary lip plumpers or fillers, try a procedure for fuller lips that lasts up to 3 years.

Advantages of lip tattoos

Non-invasive procedures 

Lip tattoos can visually enhance the appearance of your lips, giving them a fuller and more seductive look. These procedures are non-invasive and cost-effective, providing an alternative to lip fillers. The medical-grade aesthetic is used during tattooing to reduce pain and ensure a comfortable experience.

After the procedure, you will have sexier and fuller lips. Cosmetic tattoos can fix lip unevenness, sun damage, or thin lips. This procedure adds beauty, convenience, and confidence. Lip tattoos are a good choice for those who want a non-invasive option or have allergies.

Achieve lasting results

Lip tattooing involves implanting natural hypoallergenic pigments in the upper layer of the skin, providing long-lasting results. While some fading may occur over time, touch-ups can quickly restore the tattoo's shape, definition, and colour.

The temporary nature of lip tattoos allows for flexibility in changing makeup trends or personal style preferences. This provides the opportunity to experiment with new looks and enhance one's appearance as desired when the current tattoo fades over time.


Lip tattoos are a cost-effective option for lip enhancement, especially compared to alternative methods like injections, which can be expensive and risky.

Lips stay colorful all-day

Cosmetic lip tattoos eliminate the need for constant lip liner or lipstick touch-ups. The colour on your lips will remain unchanged and won't fade, even when eating or drinking. Lip tattoos prevent lipstick marks on cups and transfer when kissing. Your lips will always look beautiful and vibrant without the need for reapplication. This method also saves you time and effort compared to applying traditional lipstick.

The lip blending procedure creates a permanent lip colour by outlining and blending the colour of your choice into your lips, resulting in a long-lasting soft lip line and fuller lips.

Tattoo Lip


Lip tattoos can help conceal problematic areas and redefine the shape of the lips. They are handy for those who have experienced damage from burns, sunburns, or medical conditions. Lip tattooing can also benefit those with oral cancer who have experienced de-pigmentation due to chemotherapy.

Lip tattoos have various benefits and advantages, as they enhance the pigmentation and shape of the lips. They can help save time by eliminating the need to reapply lipstick or lip liner throughout the day while keeping your chosen colour intact.